Where to Place HPD Signs and Notices:

Once you've received your sign, you'll need to make sure each one is put in the right location. You can do this by studying the Housing Maintenance Code. Here are a few examples for quick reference:

•             Floor Signs – Every floor needs to have a floor sign, with each floor appropriately numbered.
•             Certificate of Inspection – Your 6 X 9 certificate of inspection visit card should be near the mailbox in a frame that can accommodate it.
•             Boiler Room – The boiler room signs should be both in the lobby and on the boiler room door.
•             Fire Safety Sign – Any fire safety signs should be easy to see near the mailbox or entrance.
•             Janitor Sign – The superintendent's information should be at the entrance.
•             Smoke Detector Sign – The smoke detector HPD sign should be near the mailbox.
•             HPD Registration Number Sign – The serial number sign should be at the entryway or vestibule of the building.
•             Gas Leak Notice – Information about what to do in case of a gas leak must be posted in a common area of the building.

It is recommended that all signs will be hard cover and anti vandalism. If one decide to print a sign he should put it in anti vandalism stainless steel frame 

Required Registrations:

Registration Number Sign: Property owners of residential multiple family dwellings (3+ residential units) or private dwellings where neither the owner nor the owner’s immediate family reside are required to register annually with HPD. Property owners must also register with HPD when a new owner takes over the property or when information on the registration form changes. Property owners will be billed $13 for each registration NYC Department of Finance and must pay the amount owed.

Signage Requirements

Gas Leak Notice: Property owners of a dwelling are required to provide tenants with a notice regarding procedures that should be followed when a gas leak is suspected. The information must be provided by: delivering such notice to each tenant and prospective tenant of such dwelling (all tenant-occupied units, including 1- and 2- family homes) with the lease or lease renewal form for such tenant or prospective tenant AND posting and maintaining a notice in a common area of the building. The required format for the sign is described in Section 12-11 of Chapter 12 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of New York. Section 12-12.1 of Chapter 12 of Title 28 of the Rules of the City of New York describes conditions under which a combined notice may be used, combining notice of suspected gas leak procedures with notice for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Certificate of Inspection with Frame:
The owner should provide a frame that is properly able to accommodate a 6" x 9" inspection visit card. The frame should be posted 48-62 inches above the floor. If a mailbox exists, the frame should be posted at or near the mailbox. If there is no mailbox in the vestibule, the owner should select a suitable accessible location in the vestibule or entrance way of the building for the frame. The HPD inspector who visits the premises will provide the inspection card. If the top portion of the card is not completed, the owner must fill in top portion of card.

Garbage Collection:
If there is no 24-hour dumbwaiter service an owner must post a sign in the building lobby indicating the current hours and method of garbage collection. The sign should be enclosed in plastic or in a frame to prevent vandalism or tampering.

Key to Boiler Room:
An owner must post the name and location of the person with the key to the boiler room on notices approved by HPD. One notice should be posted conspicuously in the lobby and another should be posted on the entrance door of the boiler room.

Floor Number Signs: Owner of the building or Dwelling must post a sign on each floor indicating the floor number on each floor.

Street Number on Dwelling: The owner of the property must maintain a street number on the front of the building. The street number must be visible from the sidewalk.

Janitor Name Sign: Place a sign right by the entrance or mailbox with Janitor/Superintendent’s or house keeper with their address, apartment number and telephone number.

Smoke Detecting Device Notice: The owner of Class A multi dwelling is required to post a Smoke Detector Notice Sign in a specific form which is approved by HPD and Install it near the mail boxes. The owner may instead choose to post a combined notice for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices and Gas leak Procedures.

Carbon Monoxide Detecting Device Notice: The owner of the property must post a Carbon Monoxide Detecting Device notice sign in a form approved by hpd in common area near the building entrance.

Housing Information Guide Signs: The owner of the property must post a notice about the availability of the housing information guide for tenants and owners in a lobby near the mailboxes are located.

Serial Number Signage: After registration of your dwelling with HPD, you will get a serial number of the dwelling. The property owner must post a sign in the main entrance of the building hall. If you have two entrances, then we recommend posting another HPD building serial number sign on the other entrance hallway.


HPD Carbon Monoxide Detector Notice

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In New York City, there are required building signs that are regulated by a government office known as the New York City department of housing preservation and development, or nyc HPD. It is nyc hpd that is oversee the registrant of the buildings. The New York City HPD is directly responsible for registering buildings, maintaining affordable housing, and caring for those properties with the help of the owners. The NYC HPD has a housing maintenance code that requires the owners to install anti vandalism signs in the property. See tab of hpd required check list